wHAT IS PROJECTUNKNOWED? is an idea/project based non company, more a hobby to making the world easier or help humans, raise awerness in controversial topics, touch on topics to create an larger conversation, like Greta Thunberg did with the climat change. With this website we will not only post topic videos but also future projects designed or created by us.

Due to doamins hard to get we mispelled the name on purpose.

mental health

To start of with following project is not produced in purpose to treat or help you out from Mental Health problems, if you have problems and need to talk about those felling contact your local health care or someone you trust.

About this project: This project was designed to inform and educate people on mental awerness. The project was intended to inform of following: Sucidide, Anxiety, Drepession, statetics of mental health. The projects can be found in the link below and soon an Mental Awerness video comes too

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