Mental Health

Disclaimer: To start off with the following project is not produced in purpose to treat or help you out from Mental Health problems if you have problems and need to talk about those felling contact your local health care or someone you trust. All information shouldn't be misleading and this project is made is information purpose. We are no doctors/psychologists. We are here to bring a light on the following subjects to start and conversation. Following a project is directed by Alex Bouvin Kurtti.


In short, anxiety is often leading to excessive nervousness, fear, apprehension, and worry. The disorder affects around 300 million people worldwide according to Anxiety is often described as a depressive disorder that can have symptoms like extreme/non-extreme tiredness, sadness & impassive (giving no sign of feeling or emotion). The following statistics shown on the left are taken from the World Health Organization showing cases of anxiety disorder in millions over the globe.



Sucide is never an way out,

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